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YCM EDGE - Invest your money with the best Asset Managers

We know how to pick the most successful traders.
We analyse and score our performance daily and use a dynamic allocation algorithm to invest your funds with the best asset managers.
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24 years 

 of working with traders

$50 million

target AUM for allocation


performance related fees on allocated funds*

What's Our Edge?

We are a specialist brokerage for asset managers. That means we have access to data from thousands of trading strategies.

Our unique technology uses sophisticated algorithms to analyse traders’ behaviour, identifying which behaviours are consistent with profitable trading.

When the algorithm analyses the real time behavioural statistics of traders, it can provide insight into the likelihood of a strategy’s continued success, and rate the trader accordingly.

We allocate funds to the traders with the highest ratings daily.

That’s what gives us the EDGE !
Gain the edge

How to Invest in YCM EDGE

You can either buy shares of our hedge fund YCM EDGE itself, or invest via a managed account.

Both our hedge fund capital and our managed client funds are managed with the same strategy, allowing holders of both to capture our unique offering.


Our method involves two layers of diversification:


Capital flows between traders daily based on the statistics produced by our algorithmic assessments of traders’ strategies.


Our traders can choose to invest in FX, Crypto, Stock Indices, Commodities, Metals, and Energy CFDs.
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The Daily Process

1. Analyse
Our algo analyses past performance of traders
2. Ranked Success
Traders are ranked in order of the probability of their continued success
3. Invest
Funds are allocated to top ranking traders
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Why Invest With Us?

Our model is exclusive, and our team of mathematicians and developers are constantly improving and back testing our algorithms.


Fund allocation to a highly diversified portfolio of Algorithmic traders, trading in different asset classes, as indicated above.

Powerful Algorithm

Real time monitoring of the risks and behavioural statistics of the best asset managers.


We identify and allocate your funds to the best strategy, quickly, and ahead of the anticipated profits.

Additional Benefits for Investors

Monthly Redemptions

High water mark performance fee

Live Valuation

Funds held with HSBC / BARCLAYS

Diverse Strategy & Asset Classes

Funds protected by Lloyds client fund insurance

View insurance cover note underwritten by Lloyd's

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