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YCM Edge - The YCM Hedge Fund

Top traders. Top strategies. Dynamic capital allocation.
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24 years 

 of working with traders

$50 million

target AUM for allocation


performance related fees on allocated funds*

What's Our Edge?

Our algos assess the past performance of all trader strategies on our network daily. They then rate the probability of the continued success of each strategy and Fund capital is reallocated to the highest rated strategies.

YCM Edge is a Segregated Portfolio of the Cayman Island Hedge Fund Falcon Capital Management SPC and is managed by TBC.

Our method enables two layers of diversification:

Portfolio Managers:

Capital flows between traders daily based on the statistics produced by our algorithmic assessments of traders' strategies.

Asset Classes:

Our traders span FX, Crypto, Stock Indices, Commodities, Metals and Energy
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The Algo Advantage

Our Algorithm has analysed thousands of traders' REAL TIME and daily behavioural statistics and has LEARNED which patterns of behavioural ratios are correlated with profitable periods of trading, and which are correlated with losing periods of trading.

This means that when the algorithm analyses the real time behavioural statistics of traders, it can provide insight into the likelihood of a strategy's continued success and rate them accordingly. We allocate funds to the traders with the highest ratings daily.

That's what gives us the Edge.
Gain the edge

The Daily Process

1. Analyse
Our algo analyses past performance of traders
2. Ranked Success
Traders are ranked in order of the probability of their continued success
3. Invest
Funds are allocated to top ranking traders
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Why Invest With Us?

Our model is exclusive, and our team of mathematicians and developers are constantly improving and back testing our algorithms.


Fund allocation to a highly diversified portfolio of Algorithmic traders, trading in different asset classes such as FX, Crypto, Stock Indices, Commodities, Metal and Energy CFDs

Powerful Algorithm

Real time monitoring of the risks and behavioural statistics of the traders we allocate funds to

Performance Fees

We make money when you make money and invest our capital alongside yours. Fees are charged on performance only, with a high water-mark

Benefits for Traders

Monthly Redemptions

Zero Management Fees

Minimum Investment $100,000

Diverse Range of Asset Classes

Funds are Held by TBC

Verified by RSM Cayman

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