Who We Are

YCM-Invest is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority [Firm Reference Number 470392] to hold client funds, act on a matched principal basis and manage professional clients’ investments.

Our focus at YCM-Invest is on Asset Managers and Professional Traders, offering them not only best execution, client fund insurance and a trading platform for market access, but also the option of a regulatory umbrella solution, investment products as an alternative to traditional hedge funds, investor funds allocation, and our own trading programs.

The YCM-Invest Investment Product is an alternative to the traditional hedge fund as it can be arranged, white labeled, managed and promoted by the Asset Manager as a single product, through which all managed accounts can be administered as a group.

Our management team has developed investment management programs for Hedge Funds and Family Offices worldwide, leveraging big data, self-learning algorithms and market sentiment facts towards delivering consistent growth.