YCM Invest continuously monitors the performance of over 100 asset managers. We've also recorded over 700,000 trades in real-time, so we've acquired a deep understanding of different strategies and approaches to risk management.

The result? We leverage this big data using self-learning algorithms and we specialise in automated smart investing for professionals.

Our Services

Security of Funds
Client Money Protection insurance that goes far beyond the FSCS
AM Performance Monitoring
We continually monitor the performance of our asset managers and evaluate their effectiveness
Regulated AMs
All our Asset Managers are regulated, either under our FCA license or independently from FINRA
Investment Diversity
Choose from many investment plans to meet your changing needs
  • Fully FCA compliant
  • Client fund protection through Lloyd’s
  • Multi manager fund allocation method
  • Minimum investment level $100,000
  • Management fee 0% p.a.
  • Annualised gross return of 38% between 2015-2020. Past performance is not an indication of future results. See our most recent Auditor's report here

Our Products

Precious Metals
Single Stocks
Crypto CFDs
Traded Instruments
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