Opening a Hedge Fund can be a lengthy and arduous process.

Fortunately, there is another option.

Our Investment Product is a great alternative to the traditional Hedge Fund and best of all, it can be up and running in as little as two weeks- saving you time and saving you money.

Our Services

Fast Setup Process
Your Hedge Fund Alternative can be setup in less than 2 weeks
Setup cost 15,000 EUR
Monthly fee from 2,000 EUR
Top-4 Auditor Review
KPMG can review your trading activity and issue a performance report
Easy Onboarding
Online registration and approval in less than 12 hours
Turnkey Solution
Our solution includes:
FCA Regulation & Compliance
Prime Brokerage & Depository
Legal & Auditing
Regulatory Umbrella
A regulatory umbrella to manage client funds under our regulatory license
Security of Funds
Client Money Protection insurance, that goes far beyond the FSCS
Markup Price Setting
Set markup prices across all products on a client by client basis

Our Products

Precious Metals
Single Stocks
Crypto CFDs
Traded Instruments
Symbol Spread Ask Bid
EURUSD 0.3 1.08207 1.08204
GBPUSD 0.3 1.26727 1.26724
USDJPY 0.2 150.414 150.412
XAUUSD 11.0 2038.510 2038.400
BTCUSD 248.0 51141.60 51116.80
ETHUSD 12.9 2948.00 2946.71

A Comprehensive Alternative

  • As little as €15,000 setup fee
  • €2,000 monthly service fee
  • Fully FCA compliant
  • Depositary at HSBC UK
  • Client Deposit Insurance by Lloyd’s
  • Performance verified by KPMG
Didier - YCM Invest
We could be a game changer for your trading business
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