YCM Invest partners with Asset Managers like you who manage investment portfolios in addition to funds we may allocate to them.

Making well-timed investment decisions is what you do best, so let us help you with everything else.

Our Services

Daily Payout
Get paid your accumulated commission on a daily basis
High Water Mark
Charge performance
fees based on High
Water Mark
Product Diversity
Markup Price Setting
Set markup prices across all products on a client by client basis
Regulatory Umbrella
A regulatory umbrella to manage client funds under our regulatory license
Security of Funds
Client Money Protection insurance, that goes far beyond the FSCS
Funds Allocation
Receive performance based investor fund allocation into your MAM account

A Full Brokerage Package

  • Manage your client funds and earn performance and markup fees with our advanced MAM system
  • Execute at our best spread available in the market
  • Withdraw your IB income accumulated in your IB account every week
  • Offer your clients peace of mind with our £500,000 client fund protection insurance
  • Register under YCM-Invest's FCA license and get Capital Allocation

Our Products

Precious Metals
Single Stocks
Crypto CFDs
Traded Instruments
Symbol Spread Ask Bid
EURUSD 0.4 1.08868 1.08864
GBPUSD 0.6 1.29683 1.29677
USDJPY 0.8 157.981 157.973
XAUUSD 24.0 2403.240 2403.000
BTCUSD 0.0 62864.65 62864.65
ETHUSD 0.0 3355.00 3355.00

Choose your platform

Connect to your trading account wherever you are
LD4 and NY4 low latency FIX connectivity for market data and full functionality trading via FIX Protocol 4.4
Web Trader
Intuitive user friendly interface for professional traders, with flexible layouts, reporting and real time position tracking.
IPhone/Android trading anytime and anywhere. Stay mobile while trading in financial markets, access and analyse your position 24 hours a day.
Metaquote industry standard for advance trading, trading robots (Expert Advisors) and analysis of financial markets.
Metaquote 5, is our Hedge Fund platform that combine multiple markets and portfolio managers within a single ETF/Fund.
A market leading platform, where we aggregate not only our main LPs, but also FXtrades anonymous pool of liquidity.
Didier - YCM Invest
We could be a game changer for your trading business
integration with calendly